Thursday, April 22, 2010

Press Release (April 13, 2010)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010
Jim is running for City Councillor in Ward 19, to replace Councillor Joe Pantalone who has put his hat in the race for mayor. Jim is providing an independent perspective with the goal of assisting seniors and home owners, and to keep the dream of home ownership within the grasps of all residents. He believes that Ward 19 needs a strong local voice at City Hall, someone that is unbiased and has a stake in the community.
Jim’s BIO
Jim was born and raised in Ward 19. He is a proud product of this community, and believes it is time to not only give back but to do so with the respect the people deserve.
A happily married family man, Jim is not a political insider but rather someone who truly cares about this community. He is running under the motto that a “Vote for Jim Likourezos is a vote for responsible government, socially responsible and fiscally responsible”. He believes his years of experience in the business world together with his knowledge and love of this ward will make him a valuable resource to this riding’s constituents at City Hall.
No other riding is as diverse as Ward 19, this diversity along with the sense of community and family is the legacy that he wants to continue. He wants to see new home owners put down roots in this community like his parents did, and he wants to make sure that renters can one day also afford to buy in this riding.
If elected, he proposes:
Above all, assist all constituents with municipal matters, such as:
• Guiding people through City Hall red tape and bureaucracy;
• Dealing with constituent’s concerns regarding city departments and institutions;
• Act as liaison between the community and the police, ensuring that our parks, schools and streets are safe, clean and crime free for our children and residents; and
• Make City Hall more accessible and inclusive to all residents regardless of age, language or political belief
Propose a rebate program on property tax for seniors on fixed incomes
As the son of Ward 19 seniors, Jim is saddened to see people forced out of their homes because they can no longer afford their property tax. Homes are not always real estate assets, they are roots in a community, they define family, and their value isn't always measured in dollars and cents.
Fight for the rights of home owners and home ownership
The dream of home ownership is becoming more a dream and less a reality in this city. Home ownership and family are two words that are synonymous in Ward 19. If elected Jim will fight to:
(a) Lower Property Taxes; and
(b) Eliminate the Municipal Land Transfer Tax
Advocate and promote new and creative ideas to generate and save income without creating new taxes or hiking existing ones
As a small business owner, Jim will bring his knowledge and experience to City Council. It has been argued by many that Toronto doesn't have a revenue problem, it has a spending problem. Let us find ways to save money without sacrificing jobs and service, but rather creating jobs.
Promote programs aimed at reducing our environmental footprint
Jim will promote programs such as Target 70, Eco-Roof Incentive and others aimed at reducing green house gas emissions. We need to leave behind a better planet for our children
Bring business and residents closer together
Jim will be an advocate for small business, for our community to flourish and prosper business needs not only be profitable, it needs to work hand in hand with the residents. Jim is committed to community building.
Improve TTC for condo residents
Jim will propose direct express buses during morning rush hours from large condo developments in Liberty Village & Fleet Street to Union Station in order to alleviate overcrowding on the King St streetcar.
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Telephone #: 416-533-1106
Contact Person: Litsa Kostouros